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Are you interested in learning to create social change through collective action, with a strong commitment to community, turning resources into power by strategizing; turning intentions into effective action; and structuring organization in order to develop leadership, mobilize constituents, and achieve goals. Become a change maker, sign up for Organize to Win and bring the training to your community. 

About the Training Program

Organizing to Win is a leadership, organizing and action training to mobilize Muslim Voters.

The Muslim Collective for Equitable Democracy is excited to announce a very grassroots hands-on movement building training for Muslim American Voters. The program focuses on working with local leaders including 1:1 coaching and tactics to develop a shared story, shared commitment, shared structure, shared strategy and shared actions to organize as one constituency.

Learning to organize is not only a matter of the hands and the head but also of the heart. Our approach is rooted in a faith tradition that values people struggling interdependently to claim their dignity, a civic tradition claiming an equal right to self-determination, including holding leadership accountable, and a popular tradition of people finding ways to use their own resources creatively to effectively assert their interests.

We believe that no one person or group of people can hold all the power, responsibility has to be shared in a sustainable way, and structure aimed at developing mutual accountability through a distributed leadership model.

If you are ready to lead change in your community, please complete this application. Training will be launched in the fall of 2019. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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