This is our moment to focus on building the moral, organizational and strategic capacity of our community to strengthen our democracy, expand Muslim America civic and political power, and organize collectively as one constituency 

At the conference, you’ll have a chance to make strategic connections that will help you with your work, learn new skills and improve existing ones, and increase the visibility of your group or organizations work and mission.

Learn new skills

Whether you’re a grassroots organizer, candidate for office, community leader, our training sessions will teach you how to be more effective in your work. Our training covers a breadth of skill levels, from basic organizing to advanced, as well as topics like working on campaigns, running for office, and grassroots organizing for movement building. 

Connect with others

At the Muslim Caucus Collective, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds the progressive movement, build relationships with others in working on similar issue area and network with those who can help move your mission forward. Just a few ways you can make lasting connections at the Muslim Caucus Collective:

  • Meet up with activists and organizers from your state and around the country.
  • Brainstorm ideas to develop strategies on building Muslim American Political and Electoral power.
  • Promote your work, share and showcase your work with fellow activists and organizers.
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